Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's finally nice enough to be outside...

Photography by Laynee

Laynee loves taking pictures with our camera. These photos were taken on the Spokane Temple grounds. I thought they actually turned out pretty nice.

Spokane Temple Trip

Last weekend was our Stake Temple Day. My friend, Stephanie Harbour, was kind enough to ride over with me. Let me say the car ride was totally hilarious. (Those that know Stephanie can easily understand this.) We got there early enough that I was able to walk around the temple with the girls and take pictures and talk to them about the temple. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend the temple.

Dress ups

My girls love it when I pull out our tub of dress up clothes. Here they are dressed up as a monkey, Dorothy and Minnie Mouse.

Stroller time

Living up the Rattlesnake has encouraged us to go for lots of walks. There are so many great trails to take the girls on. These are pictures from one of our walks.

Playing at Greenough Park with Kady Banna

Kady Banna & Laynee

Kady, Laynee & McKinley

Throwing rocks


Aunt Heidi with the kids

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

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