Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grammy and Papa

I went to Great Falls June 6th-8th for a variety of reasons. One of them was to hear my parents speak in their own ward before they leave for their mission in Colorado Springs. They gave such excellent talks. One of the things my mom said really touched me. She said over the past 6 months or so that her children had gone from being her children to her best friends. That she and my dad have felt really supported by us kids through my mom's cancer treatments and also preparing to leave for a mission. I think it made me realize how much I'm going to miss them and grateful I am that they are my parents. I love the family I grew up in. We didn't have a lot as far as material things go, but I have such great memories of my childhood. My parents really taught us that our siblings would be our greatest friends in this life. I totally feel this is true and I'm sure we will all rely on each other while my parents are gone. I love each of my siblings and have such great relationships with each of them and with their spouses. I love watching my sister and sister-in-laws with their kids and try to emulate them. Anyway, I've kind of gone off on a tangent. While I will miss my parents (and miss them watching my kids grow in the next 3 years), I am so excited for them. I know they will do a great job! I look up to them and admire their lives.

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