Sunday, October 19, 2008

Janna's Favorite Quotes/Thoughts/Scriptures

I added a link on the left hand side of this blog to a blog named Janna's favorite quotes/thoughts/scriptures. It's basically just what it implies; thoughts, quotes and scriptures that I really like. I wanted a way to keep track of things I come across that touch me or make me really think. Feel free to check it out and comment.

Baby shower for my Sis

I went to Great Falls last week. The main reason was to attend my younger sister, Heidi's, baby shower. These are a few pics from it. I'm so excited for my sister to be a mom!
Group Photo
The sisters and sisters-in-law
The Fall-themed food table

Cousins Halloween Party

My sister-in-law, Brooke, organized a "Cousins Halloween Party" last week at her house. The cousins painted pumpkins, went on a parade in their costumes, wrestled with Kevin, played musical chairs, ate food and watched a Halloween movie. I didn't have a close relationship with my cousins. I think my kids are so lucky to have that.
Painting Pumpkins


Parade around the Neighborhood

Not a post to brag...

Disclaimer: So, I don't know how many of you are really good about tracking what your kids are doing. I only do so-so on keeping notes of their accomplishments. I'm going to start putting notes in my blog. This isn't to brag about kids but more as a record of what they are doing.

Laynee learned this morning how to button and unbutton her sweater. She has done it over and over about 5 times this morning.

McKinley is playing a new game. Sometimes when I'm holding her and someone comes up and talks to her, she pretends to be shy and puts her head down on my chest. Then she puts her head up, smiles and looks at the person. If the person tries to talk to her again, she immediately puts her head down again. I didn't realize how cute it is until last night, her Aunt Brooke was holding her and someone she doesn't know well talked to her and she did it. I got to just watch the whole thing. So adorable!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Papa and Grammy's bed

Even though my parents are gone, their bed is still getting lots of use. Cousins: Ethan, Laynee, Landon, Lydia and Lincoln watching Monsters, Inc.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Carving Pumpkins

For family home evening on Monday, we had Matt's parents over and we all carved pumpkins. What a mess, but Laynee loved it and even drew a face on her own for her little pumpkin.

Scraping out the guts.
Carving the face

Grandpa and Grandma

My own little pumpkin

The finished pumpkins

All lit up

Benson's Farm

We went to Benson's farm (a farm right off of Reserve Street in Missoula) with the Banna's to pick out pumpkins to carve. The kids thought that running around the pumpkins was fun and Laynee got to pick out several small pumpkins.

Kady Banna and Laynee

Laynee displaying her pumpkin



Monday, October 6, 2008

One of Life's mysteries

Why are chubby thighs

only cute

on a baby?

McKinley 7 months old

Commentary from Laynee about General Conference

So we watched General Conference (a semi-annual meeting with the Prophet and Apostles speaking that's broadcased on TV) this weekend. Laynee had typical 3 year old commentary.

#1- Laynee watching Elder Joseph Wirthlin speaking, turns to me and says, "Look Mom, he looks like Old Grandpa." (Old Grandpa is her Great Grandpa Bell.) See the picture comparison below. I guess they do kind of look alike.

Elder Wirthlin

Great Grandpa and Grandma Bell with Laynee as a baby

#2-Watching the prophet speaking Laynee says, "Mom, President Monson's face looks kinda weird." Me, devastated because we have 2 other couples over to watch conference, asks, "Why?" Laynee putting her hands by her cheek and pulling her hands downward says, "His face goes down." I tried to explain to her that when you get older your skin gets droopy. She looked at me like I was crazy!

McKinley's sleep patterns

Okay, so I will be honest, McKinley has been sleeping in bed with me almost since birth. It was mostly out of necessity so I could get as much sleep as possible. Those of you that have more than one child understand this. (Those of you that only have 1 child probably think I'm a terrible mother.) Anyway, last week she started waking up 6 times between midnight and 6am to be fed and then between 5-6am and would squirm and wiggle and not go back to sleep, so I decided that it was time for her to move out of my bed. On Thursday night, Laynee was having a hard night, so I decided to feed McKinley and lay her down in the pac-n-play in the office. She SCREAMED for awhile, but I felt like I needed to spend some time with Laynee. After a fairly long time, McKinley finally went to sleep. (When I went in to feed her sometime around 2am, she had a poopy diaper and I thought, "I wonder if that's what she was screaming about..") So we survived that night of screaming it out. Since that night she hasn't fussed for more than a few minutes and then has gone to sleep. So last night, I was carrying her around and realized that she was acting a bit tired, so I went in and layed her down. She looked up at me and smiled. I said good night and turned off the light and shut the door. There wasn't even a fuss. She slept from 8pm to 4am, I fed her and then she slept til 6am, I fed her and she slept til 8am. I can totally live with this schedule!

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