Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweetheart Dinner and Dance

For Valentine’s Day, Darrel and I attended the Stake Sweetheart Dinner and Dance.  We had a great time.  They had someone there taking pictures.  Here are a few of us:

sweetheart dance

sweetheart dance2 sweetheart dance3

Darrel played DJ for the adult dance and then the next night for the youth dance.  That’s what this picture is from.

sweetheart dance4

Friday, February 12, 2010

13th Article of Faith

Laynee has an amazing memory.  She memorized the 13th Article of Faith, which is quite long.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sometimes I wish I was 4 again…

so I could dance and not care what I looked like.  Isn’t she adorable?

McKinley Singing

Here is McKinley trying to sing “I Am a Child of God.”  I was trying to help her but she kept shushing me.  The song is not recognizable but she was cute just singing gibberish. 

More video downloading issues

Okay, so I finally got a video downloaded using  Now every pervert in the world shouldn’t have free access to videos of my kids.  I “shared” it with my blog and because of the way my blog was set up, only the left 2/3rds of the video would show. It completely cut Laynee out.  So I had to reset up my entire blog.  Not sure sharing my videos is worth all this hassle. 

Laynee’s Preschool Christmas Program 2009

Laynee’s preschool Christmas program was so cute, I had to post it.  I thought the kids did a great job with the singing, actions and also holding still. 


So I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out the easiest and fastest ways to post videos to my blog.  I use Windows Live Writer to do blog posts and there’s an option to post videos using Live Writer.  When I clicked the icon, it told me that the site it uses is “” to post videos.  I thought I could just download the videos, mark them “private” on the youtube website and then every sicko wouldn’t be able to see my kids’ videos.  Well, that worked except no one else could see the videos either.  I’ve now deleted the videos from youtube and also deleted the posts on my blog with the videos in the them.  I’m back to square one.  Anyone have any good ideas on how to quickly post videos to a blog? 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Afternoon Church

So starting in January we started having church services from 1pm-4pm. I've had the struggle most moms have, which is "What do we do all morning long that enables us to still keep the Sabbath Day holy?" I've decided to do something my mom did with us. I've made a Sunday Idea jar. Basically you put a bunch of Sunday appropriate ideas in a jar and let your kids pick one, and then you do it. I realize I'll probably have to add more ideas and adapt the ideas as my kids get older, but for now hopefully it will make Sundays a little easier. Here are the ideas I came up with:

Watch a church video

Listen to a scripture story on

Do a game on

Write a letter or color a picture for a family member

Color a gospel-themed coloring page

Write a thank you card to your primary teacher.

Write a thank you card to your Bishop.

Read the Friend together.

Walk outside and enjoy Jesus' creations.

Draw a picture of things you're grateful for.

Read 3 books.

Read scripture stories with mom.

Work on memorizing a new scripture.

Work on memorizing an Article of Faith.

Sing Primary songs with mom.

Call a family member.

Quietly sit and listen to hymns or other church music.

Play a board game or card game.

So does anyone have other ideas that would work for a 5 year old and a 2 year old?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card Dilemma

As the Christmas season approached, I started thinking about how I was going to handle Christmas cards this year.  With getting divorced this year and then remarried to a man (Darrel Moss) who had kids of his own, I was unsure what the politically correct thing was to do.  It seemed there were so many people whose feelings I needed to be concerned with.  I had many questions in my mind.

Do I include a picture of our new blended family of my kids, Darrel’s kids, Darrel and I?

Since our marriage is fairly recent, I decided this might make everyone involved feel that the “family” thing was a bit too forced.  I skipped this for this year.  (Not that I don’t totally adore Darrel’s kids, they’re great kids.)

Do I have Darrel in the pictures with my girls and I? 

There were 2 reasons I didn’t opt to do this. #1) I thought this might hurt Darrel’s kids’ feelings.  I would never want his kids to feel that they are in any way being replaced.  So this idea was out.  (However, my family all received an individual picture of Darrel and I from our wedding. The picture I sent is one that I posted on an earlier posting.) #2) I wouldn’t want to send some message to my kids that I was trying to replace their dad with Darrel. 

Do I include a picture of me with the girls on the card or just have pictures of the girls like I did last year?

Since I’ve continued having good relationships with most of my ex’s family,  I decided that anyone I was sending a card to wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of me along with the girls. 

How would I explain to people why I did what I did with Christmas cards?

Instead of doing the traditional Christmas letter and explaining all of this in that, I thought I would print our blog address on the card.  I figured anyone that was curious would come here and look.

Would you have ever guessed that Christmas cards could be so tricky? 

I’m guessing anyone who hasn’t been through a divorce  (lucky you) and hasn’t had the opportunity of having a blended family would even think about all these crazy issues.  Plus, I tend to over think everything. 

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sledding Trip

Today I took both kids sledding for the first time this year.  We had a blast! 

 IMG00079-20091215-1528 (6) IMG00080-20091215-1528 (7) IMG00082-20091215-1532 IMG00084-20091215-1612 (10) IMG00085-20091215-1612 (11)

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