Thursday, February 11, 2010


So I spent a bunch of time trying to figure out the easiest and fastest ways to post videos to my blog.  I use Windows Live Writer to do blog posts and there’s an option to post videos using Live Writer.  When I clicked the icon, it told me that the site it uses is “” to post videos.  I thought I could just download the videos, mark them “private” on the youtube website and then every sicko wouldn’t be able to see my kids’ videos.  Well, that worked except no one else could see the videos either.  I’ve now deleted the videos from youtube and also deleted the posts on my blog with the videos in the them.  I’m back to square one.  Anyone have any good ideas on how to quickly post videos to a blog? 


Victoria said...

Did you try just using Blogger's video feature? I just posted mine straight into my blog post using the video link in the post editor. Last year I put up a couple, but I had to use YouTube, which is a pain. But here is one that I posted just three weeks ago. I just saved it as an AVI file onto my hard disk, and then uploaded it straight to blogger. It took awhile... probably 10 or 15 minutes...? but it worked.

The Heldreth Family said...

Yes, I use the blogger video feature as well. It can take a while but it works just fine.

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