Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Card Dilemma

As the Christmas season approached, I started thinking about how I was going to handle Christmas cards this year.  With getting divorced this year and then remarried to a man (Darrel Moss) who had kids of his own, I was unsure what the politically correct thing was to do.  It seemed there were so many people whose feelings I needed to be concerned with.  I had many questions in my mind.

Do I include a picture of our new blended family of my kids, Darrel’s kids, Darrel and I?

Since our marriage is fairly recent, I decided this might make everyone involved feel that the “family” thing was a bit too forced.  I skipped this for this year.  (Not that I don’t totally adore Darrel’s kids, they’re great kids.)

Do I have Darrel in the pictures with my girls and I? 

There were 2 reasons I didn’t opt to do this. #1) I thought this might hurt Darrel’s kids’ feelings.  I would never want his kids to feel that they are in any way being replaced.  So this idea was out.  (However, my family all received an individual picture of Darrel and I from our wedding. The picture I sent is one that I posted on an earlier posting.) #2) I wouldn’t want to send some message to my kids that I was trying to replace their dad with Darrel. 

Do I include a picture of me with the girls on the card or just have pictures of the girls like I did last year?

Since I’ve continued having good relationships with most of my ex’s family,  I decided that anyone I was sending a card to wouldn’t mind seeing a picture of me along with the girls. 

How would I explain to people why I did what I did with Christmas cards?

Instead of doing the traditional Christmas letter and explaining all of this in that, I thought I would print our blog address on the card.  I figured anyone that was curious would come here and look.

Would you have ever guessed that Christmas cards could be so tricky? 

I’m guessing anyone who hasn’t been through a divorce  (lucky you) and hasn’t had the opportunity of having a blended family would even think about all these crazy issues.  Plus, I tend to over think everything. 

Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sledding Trip

Today I took both kids sledding for the first time this year.  We had a blast! 

 IMG00079-20091215-1528 (6) IMG00080-20091215-1528 (7) IMG00082-20091215-1532 IMG00084-20091215-1612 (10) IMG00085-20091215-1612 (11)

Hair Dying Experiment

So I’ve had my hair highlighted since July and decided to go back to my natural brown color.  I thought “It can’t be THAT hard to color your own hair.” So I bought a kit and with Laynee’s help dyed my own hair. 


Here’s the before shot:                               before hair (1)

The solution is in, now I’m just waiting for it to work. IMG00018-20091119-1145

The after shot:                                                                                                      IMG00033-20091119-1236 (3)

It actually looked pretty good for about a week and then the color faded.  It doesn’t look quite as highlighted now as it did before but you can still see my brown roots.  Dang. I guess I’ll have to have a professional do it next time.  I should just feel lucky that it didn’t turn my hair orange. 

The funny words kids use

McKinley LOVES M&Ms but she doesn’t know how to say M&Ms so she calls them num-nums. 

Laynee calls elevators alligators.  We’ll be at my or Darrel’s work and she’ll say she wants to ride the alligator. I’ve tried correcting her but she doesn’t remember. Now I think it’s pretty cute. 

Christmas Pictures 2009

IMG_0152  IMG_0141 IMG_0155 IMG_0162


I debated on whether or not to post these Christmas pictures yet since I haven’t mailed out my cards with the pictures in them.  However, the cards should be going  out in the next day or two so I thought “Why not?” 

Apple Orchard Field Trip


IMG00273-20091009-1023  IMG00270-20091009-1007 (247)





Laynee’s preschool took them to an apple orchard where they got to pick apples, peel and slice apples and make applesauce and apple cider.   Then they got to sit inside and eat their yummy treats. 

Laynee’s post-haircut do

L haircut 09

Staci Hunter cut about 4 inches off Laynee’s hair.  The finished product was quite cute.

McKinley’s first haircut

Staci Hunter gave McKinley her first haircut in October.  She actually did pretty well.  I think these pictures of her are pretty hilarious.  

hair3 (20)



hair5 (22)

Halloween 2009

My sweet little princesses in dresses their Grandma Bell made.

October 2009 029IMG00283-20091027-0845 (261)IMG00302-20091103-1653   IMG00287-20091027-0846

 IMG00300-20091030-0904 (273)IMG00280-20091027-0828 (259)


Laynee and McKinley got to wear make-up for Halloween.  They had fun getting it put on.  Laynee even helped McKinley put on chapstick.

Playgroup Halloween Party at the church halloween1


Laynee’s Preschool PartyRandom 2009 145

Random 2009 148 Random 2009 153Laynee handing out Halloween candyRandom 2009 156

Laynee insisted on sitting out the front porch and giving out candy after we got back from trick or treating.  I think she enjoyed giving out candy almost as much as getting it.

Pumpkin Carving

The girls are lucky they live so close to Grandma and Grandpa Bell.  They were able to come over and carve pumpkins with us one night in preparation for Halloween.  I thought McKinley wouldn’t want to sit still but she enjoyed it.

Random 2009 128







    Random 2009 113


Random 2009 124

 Random 2009 125

Random 2009 101

Random 2009 134






Laynee’s field trip to Missoula Maze

Half of Laynee’s class

October 2009 027

Griz Game 2009

IMG00276-20091017-1226 (255)

Walking to the game with Grandma and Grandpa Bell

IMG00278-20091017-1226 (257)

April Skinner, Laynee, Haven and McKinley watching the ski divers come into the stadium. October 2009 001

Me and the girlsOctober 2009 012

McKinley and MomOctober 2009 009 Laynee and Haven

October 2009 003

Utah Trip Sept 2009

utah sept 09 073

In September, I took the girls and drove to Alpine, UT to visit my sister who had recently moved there.  My girls had an absolute blast getting to know their cousins better.  I loved being with my sister.  It’s so great to have her living closer. 

Thanksgiving Point

utah sept 09 064 Brittany Tait & Gracie, Marcie,Liam & Layla Perriton, Janna & Girls

utah sept 09 047

 McKinley getting a pony rideutah sept 09 028

Jodi and Jemma helping  McKinley feed a llama.

Temple Square

utah sept 09 037

utah sept 09 075

utah sept 09 076

utah sept 09 077

Go-Cart Fun

The Pages have this fun little go-cart the girls got to ride on with their cousins. 

I even had to try it out. It was super fun!

Mt. Timpanogos Temple

utah sept 09 070 My sis and I even got to attend the temple while I was there.

The Guinea Pigs

My girls were in love with Jodi and Jemma’s guinea pigs. 

April 2009