Monday, December 22, 2008

Making cookies with Grandpa

Grandpa let Laynee pick out the cookie cutters, roll and cut the dough and put the cut out cookies on the cookie sheet. I'm just wondering why as a mom I can't be more patient like that. I think it's because I'm always in a hurry to get things done instead of really enjoying the moment. Anyway, I loved watching Laynee helping her Grandpa.

Christmas Dresses

My older sister, Julie, gave me both these dresses when I had McKinley. The girls happened to both be in photo-taking good moods.

Santa Claus is coming to town

Gingerbread house

My good friend, Jen, bought this gingerbread kit for us to do this year. Man, those kits are the way to go. The gingerbread is pre-cut and the frosting is like REALLY sticky glue. We had so much fun doing it together.

Dresses by Grandma Bell

Grandma Bell made Laynee this dress last year and it still fit this year, so she went to the fabric store and found the same material to make one for McKinley. So cute!

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